Skateboard Decor THEMED ROOM

Get the authentic stuff for skateboard decor from the skateboard companies if you can. There is a lot out there that will get the job done. It'S great to support the skateboard industry. Pinterest has many ideas.

Skateboard decor can include loads of stuff. From extreme to simple. Let’s take a look.

Skateboard parts - Use skateboard decks as shelves with trucks as book ends.
Bedding - A simple and effective way to get skateboarding into a bedroom. Sheets and pillow cases.
Window coverings – Just as easy as the bedding.
Wallpaper - A border of wallpaper around the room will transform it into a skateboarding command center.
Posters and Banners - Find them at skate shops.
Wall Stickers and Decals - More personalized than posters and banners. Check Amazon.
Accessories - clocks AND lamps with skateboard logos on them.
Use ramps or old skateboards to make some of the furniture - Extreme!

I have seen rooms with skateboarding decor as simple as a poster on the wall and others with a fully functional halfpipe in it. It is up to you to decide how comfortable you are with your skateboard themed room.

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