360 Shuvit

The 360 Shuvit is a 360° flat spin of your board.

Tricks to know First

ollie, shuvit, pop-shuvit, kickflip.

Things to know about this Trick

The 360 shuvit is a fun trick. You leave the board while in the air with this one. The hard part of this trick is to do the shuvit without flipping the board. It tends to flip when flicked this hard and it can be a bit frustrating.

I would start trying this trick by doing regular shuvits rather than pop shuvits. This keeps the chance of it flipping down. With a pop shuvit flick it makes it harder to keep the board flat. Get to that after your really get this trick down. It may take a awhile.

I have the best success if I set up with my back foot hanging off the toe side. The front foot at the halfway point and the heel hanging off.

Stand far to the back of the board. It makes it easier to stay flat. The board will flip and that will wreck the trick.

  • Pop your ollie.
  • Sweep the front foot flat to the toe side. In a curving fashion.
  • Popping, flick the tail with the back foot.
  • Try to keep the deck and foot flat when it hits the ground.
  • The right flick will sweep the deck around  360°. Give it time to rotate the full circle.
  • You have to judge where the deck will be and throw your feet there to catch it.
  • Now you need to get your feet on to it. 
  • Watch where the board is coming to. Throw your feet there and grab the deck.
  • Complete the rotation while on the board if needed. A small kickturn or wheels screech may get the job done.

When you start to get the flick down. It will be easier to gauge where the deck will be to land the trick.  Be sure to make it all one motion from flick to final adjustments.


The 540 shuvit is a variation of this trick where the board goes 1 1/2 times around. A top trick that I haven't pulled off yet.

Keep trying to flick it flat. Try it fakie for a much easier trick. I struggle with this one always want to just do a tre-flip instead. I have made it a goal to get this seemingly easier trick down. It is a great trick to have.

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