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Nose Manual Trick Description

A nose manual is a tough move. Learn the tricks to pulling it here.

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Feeble Grind Trick Description

Learn what a Feeble Grind is at

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Frontside Boardslide

Frontside Boardslide getting into the good tricks.

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Boardslide Trick Description

A Boardslide is the first slide trick to learn. A totally different experience.

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Pop Shuvit Trick Description

Learn what a Pop Shuvit is at

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Blunt Trick Description

Learn what a Blunt is at

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Kickflip Trick Description

Skateboard kickflip tips right here.

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Frontside Flip

The Frontside Flip is one of my favorites. There are many different ways to pull this trick.

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360 Flip Trick Description

Learn what a 360 Flip is at

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The Backside Heelflip

The Backside Heelflip is a good trick to pop. It looks tougher than it is.

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