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Skateboard Parks.
Skaters see things differently

If you are lucky you have skateboard parks in you town. For many skateboarding takes place on the street. Any smooth paved surface turns into a playland. As a skateboarder I look at the world in a different way than most. I look at it as a place to skateboard. You can skate anything. From a rock to a perfect pool to whatever you can imagine.

As a skater you are constantly on the lookout for a new place to skate. Whether it is a smooth parking lot or a set of stairs. Maybe there is a paved ramp that you can ride up and down on. You never know around what corner the next place to skateboard will be.

I am always searching for skate spots no matter where I go.

Of course there isn't always the best street spots to skate. Often people don't like you skateboarding on their property. It appears unsafe and can damage things. The solution is the skatepark. A skatepark is a place made especially for skateboarding. The best ones are made out of smooth durable concrete. They often resemble art sculptures and moonscapes.

I have been interested and involved with skateboard parks and skatepark design for over ten years. From getting towns to build them, fundraising, design, engineering, building and sometime managing projects. I have done it all. I collaborated with other skatepark vendors and worked as a designer many parks.

Skatepark Design

There is soo much to cover I could do a whole website on just this topic. I mention a few points about skateboard park design in some other parts of this site.

Here you can check out some skateparks I designed. Some are pretty good I would say. Each one has a story and a lesson on what to do and what to watch out for.

Skatepark Projects Include:

I have plans the talk about how to get a skatepark in simple steps. Look forward to that.

Skatepark Terms

What we call the stuff we skate. Check out the definitions here for:

Rails, Ledges, Jump Ramps, Quarterpipes and Halfpipes...

From the amazing to the completely awful, skatepark design may seem to have no rules.

With the different types of skateboarding and the independent spirit that skaters have it can be next to impossible to make something that will please all. At skateboard park design I give the steps on how to make your skatepark one of the best!

You can't please everyone. But you can do a pretty good job along the way.

Build your own ramps

At skateboard ramps I will show you what you need to know about getting and building.

Sharing photos and even put together an ebook with details blueprints, cut lists and instructions. I can’t wait to share what I have learned.It will be fun!

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