Parkdale Skatepark

Parkdale skatepark is a small busy skatepark. It is used any time it is dry out. You can have a lot of fun here too if you really want too.

In May of 2002 I was approached about a skatepark at Parkdale park. A parent told me that the City of Hamilton was building a skateboard park. This project was quite far along in the project but had not consulted with ant skateboarders. I volunteered to help.

The young skater said: "Please build something I can skate". I attended a businessy meeting with the city staff and a landscape architect.

parkdale skatepark

After that I created some designs for the beginner park. Then it was time for a public meeting to get more skater input on the proposed design. It was tough to get skaters to come to meeting. They all seemed too busy to get involved when their input was needed.

I created a small design for the park based on the comments from the open meeting and the young skaters that first told me about the project.

The architect took my designs and turned them into full out construction drawings. Even going as far as creating a logo for me. I thought that was weird.

The project moved very quickly into being built.

I tried to speak with the builders to make sure that certain things were done built properly. They were not interested in my input.

For a few reasons the park could have been better. I still have a great time skating it. One day I would like to remodel some areas of it. Just to update the design a bit. Make it more fun.

The park is packed most days with a lot by happy skaters and bikers. I guess you can't ask for much more than that.

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