Easy Skateboard Tricks

Rolling is skateboarding. It is the most important of the easy skateboard tricks.

The trick is learning how to roll and stay safe. Rolling on a skateboard becomes as easy as walking, maybe even easier.

In this section I will walk you through getting on a skateboard the first time and how to stay balanced. The first time standing on a rolling board will test your balance. Often sending you to the ground for your troubles.

Don't worry with these simple steps I will guide you. There is a trick to each step even how to fall and avoid injury. This takes practice and body awareness. Believe me, it is worth knowing. Right from the start I give you the tools to skate safe.

Start With These Tricks

  1. Falling - How to stay safe.
  2. Step on a skateboard - Balance you never thought you had.
  3. Pushing - Lets get moving!
  4. Rolling - You're a skater now!
  5. Stopping - What? No Brakes?
  6. Turning - Let's get a feel for this.
  7. Kickturn - get those wheel in the air.

Call these easy skateboard tricks but at first they will be a bit of a challenge. You will learn quick and I'll tell you the secrets to each.  Once you master these tricks. It will amaze you how much fun rolling and cruising around is. These terms might sound odd at first. Once you see them in action. It will make more sense.

I was able to roll on a skateboard the first day I tried it. The it took a long time to be comfortable on it.  It took a few weeks and even months until my balance and strength built up. Once it did I could go fast. I was ready to learn more. 

If you master these easy skateboard tricks then you are a skater!
That is all you need to cruise and roll and have fun.

Wondering where to go next? I got you covered. More tricks to learn at basic skateboard tricks.

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