Push on a Skateboard

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Push on a skateboard - To roll on a skateboard you must to push on the ground with your foot.

The new skaters often transfer most of their weight to the ground when they push. This is more like you are walking. When you walk or run each step take all of your weight and then shifts it back in the next step.

While skateboarding you want to keep your weight and balance on the skateboard at all times. When you push it is better to reach out from the board with your foot and push. Like you would if you were paddling in a stream.

Keep the body weight on the board and push with the foot.

Tricks you need to know

Check out how to step on a skateboard then come back here.

  • Stand with the knees bent. Back foot near perpendicular to the length of the deck and front foot at a 45 degree angle.
  • Put all your weight over and on the front foot.
  • Lift the back foot straight up.
  • Rotate over the front leg and place that back foot on the ground.
  • Now push against the ground toward the back at an angle to start rolling.
  • When you roll a few centimeters pull your back foot straight up in the opposite motion that you did to place it down.
  • Put it on the skateboard.

You should be rolling a little. Great job! Just keep repeating the process over and over.


Try holding on to something stable like lamp post or parking meter. This will keep you from falling while you get used to how your skateboard rolls, turns and feels.

Hold on a try stepping on and off your board.
Try jumping on and off.
Roll back and forth to get used to the motion.

Learning to push will make you a skateboarder. Once you can push, you can roll. This step is the hardest part of learning to skate. When you go from nothing to standing and pushing it is the biggest step. You learn so much balance. It opens up skateboarding for you and I think it is pretty cool.

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