How to Stop on a Skateboard

Learning how to stop on a skateboard is useful.  You can always get out of trouble if your start rolling too fast.  Saving you from painful crashes. There are some good ways to stop on a skateboard and bad ways. Check them out:

  • Crash. Not recommended!
  • Foot Brake.
  • Heel Brake.
  • Roll to the rough.
  • Board Pop.
  • Carving.
  • Power Sliding. Advanced.
  • Dragging your tail. Not recommended.

Crash. Not recommended!
Sometimes the only way to stop it to fall on your face. It happens.

Foot Brake.
Put your push foot down flat and use it as a brake.
Drag the flat foot on the ground to slow you down.

foot stop

Heel Brake.
Lift the front wheels. Drop your heel down. Drag it on the ground. It is tricky to keep balance. Make sure to not drag the deck. It will wear it down into razor tail. That is no good.

heel stop

Roll to the rough.
Pick some short grass or even gravel. Roll off the smooth concrete and into the grass. The added friction will slow you down.

If you are going too fast doing this might cause you to fall off. Try carving to slow down. Be sure to crouch and brace yourself for the transition into the grass. You may hit it and stop dead if it is too thick.

Carving to slow down.
Carve long and full turns with your loose trucks. This will slow you down to the point where you can pop the board into your hands and walk away.

Board Pop.
If you are rolling slow enough and want to stop. You can ollie pop the board into your hand and just walk away. This is tricky and requires the ability to ollie and pop the board. Then to catch it with your hand.

pop stop

Power Slide.
To powerslide or 4 wheel slide. Shift your weight and force the board into a wheel slide.  Screeching all the wheels and slowing down.  This is pretty advanced.


Dragging your tail. Not recommended.
Wears the tail out and ruins your pop.

Many ways to stop

These are the main ways to stop on a skateboard.  There are many other things you can do but these are the best.  

Keep practicing!

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