Indoor Belleville Skatepark

I designed and built the Belleville Skatepark for West 49. This park was 5000sqft and located inside one of their stores. It is an example of some pretty cool forward thinking by the people in the company.

Here is the rad little design with the wall mural above:


There is quite a few obstacles packed into a small space.

The skatepark which was in one of their retail skateshops. It was fun to think about fitting a ton of stuff into this small space.

Here is the work I did for the project:

  • Provided 4 design choices.
  • Provided pricing estimates.
  • Created construction drawings for the chosen design.
  • Planned and managed the project construction.
  • Constructed the park.

The design had a back and forth ramp section with banks quarters of different sizes, a table gap, a rail and hubbas.

The was also a flatland area with a movable manual pad/ledge.

Once the park was done I really wanted to remake a bunch of it. Even replace the whole thing with one bowl. There is always a thousand ways to create a skatepark. This one worked pretty good. Too bad it was so far from home. I only got to skate it once just after construction.

Something I have learned is that it is better to put less in the space and to be sure that it works really well. One good ledge and a quarterpipe can really take you a long way. There were a few designs that had a set of stairs and a lot of lat open area. In the end we went with the one that the company wanted.

Building ramps can be pretty fun but it is hard work. Skating them is really the best part. I enjoyed hanging out with the staff at the shop to. They were cool and totally into the project. Overall It was a pretty interesting and good learning experience.

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