Nose Stall

Nose Stall - A trick where the skater stalls the nose of the skateboard over the coping and drops back in fakie.

Learn Tail stalls first. It is similar only that you can point your front foot and weight up over the coping.

You will need to be able to roll to the coping.  The stall is like a reverse drop in. It takes a bit of guts to pull those wheels off the ramp the first few time. Once you tap the nose and bring the wheels back down to roll away fakie. I feels good.


You body doesn't move much during this trick. Your legs do. The front leg extends and taps the nose. The back leg bends up and lets the wheel up and off the ramp.

To do tricks at the coping you need to be able to pump well. To gain speed and hold it each time you go up and down the ramp.

When you have enough speed.

  • Roll up towards the coping.
  • When at the top lift the back wheels and put the nose down onto the coping.
  • Shift your body up and over the coping if you can. This will allow you to pull your weight up and out of the ramp. Placing you stalled in position on the coping.
  • Then drop back in and roll away fakie.

Pump the ramp a lot. Learn how to get speed and how to keep it. It may take a few days or even weeks to get the leg strength you need to keep speed. Just tap the nose at first. Get better and stall when you build the strength.

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