Rock to Fakie

Rock to Fakie - The front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and then the deck is "rocked" on the coping before coming back down fakie.

Tricks you need to Know

Drop in, pumping, fakie, tail stall, manual.

Things to know

This is a basic trick that will let you change directions at the top of the ramp. You will be letting your wheels roll over the top of the coping Then stalling on your deck on the coping. Then lift up your wheels and roll back into the ramp. Being careful not to get caught on the coping is the key to this trick. Get your wheels up. Rolling in fakie will also be a challenge.

Too keep from hanging your truck up on the coping and smashing yourself you need to get the setup tricks down good.

  • Roll up to the coping with enough speed to get the front half of the board over the coping.
  • Stall with your deck on the coping for a second in position with your front wheels up and your back wheels below.
  • Put your back wheels down onto the ramp.
  • Lift the front wheels up.
  • Start rolling back down the ramp
  • Lift your front wheels up over the coping. Lift them up a lot. They should be off the ramp.
  • Hold your wheels up until they get past the coping. Trust that you can roll away fakie.
  • Once the wheels are past the coping set them down and roll away fakie.

You can pull this trick by letting the top wheels drag along the ramp and then roll of the coping and back in. This is bad style but if it helps you get the feel for the trick then try it out. Aim for getting those wheels up and out though. It keeps your speed and feel much better.


Practice fakies, rolling up and doing little manuals at the top of the coping. Letting your wheels leave the ramps before you stop rolling. Lift the front wheels and slam them back down when you start rolling back. This will help you get the feel and sight of bringing the wheels back in after the stall.

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