Manual - aka a wheelie. Rolling on the back two wheels of the skateboard. A fun trick that requires a lot of balance. Hold the manual as long as you can.

skateboard manualskateboard manual

Tricks you need to know

Stepping on and off the skateboard, pushing, rolling, turning, kickturn.

You don't need to do a manny for a long distance. I struggle with that. Getting them so you can do it for a few feet is great. It will help your balance. It will also make it easier for you to land tricks when the time comes.

I try to set a distance in my head. Get the wheels up, hold, and put them down just where I planned.  That is a fun little move.

Things to know

This trick is all about balance. You need to roll and hold the front wheels off the ground. Don't let the tail touch either.

The tail can touch and drag as you are rolling. Try not to do this. It will wear down the kick on your skateboard deck. That will kill the pop. The pop comes in handy if you start doing ollie tricks.

  • The do a manual you need to find your balance over the back wheels.
  • Place you foot on the tail kick.
  • Then put more weight on the tail to lift it. Like you would for a kick turn but without the turn.
  • There is a sweet spot with the wheels and tail in the air. You need to find that spot and try to hold it. that is the tricky part

For the more advanced try an ollie into a manual and pop out. Do this up a curb or pad you can ollie up hold the trick until the end and pop off.

  • Get rolling.
  • Ollie up over the curb.
  • Land in on your back wheels. Placing more weight on the tail to keep the front wheels up.
  • Don’t go too far backwards or you will drag the tail.
  • Keep those front wheels up.
  • When you get to the end of the pad you will pop off like when you roll off a drop.

Try and put a little ollie into it on the way out.

Practice Your Manual

To practice. Make markers and try to do a manual from one to the next. Get some speed and try to hold for the width between the lines of a parking space.

Good luck.

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