Axle Stall

Axle Stall - Aka 50-50 stall. A stall on both trucks of the skateboard on an edge.

Tricks you need to know

Drop in, pumping, carving, rock to fakie backside kickturn.

Things to know

Doing this trick backside is a thousand times easier then frontside on ramp. Especially what you are just learning.

To do this trick you will need enough speed to get the back truck up above the coping of the ramp. Then co-ordination to place the fruck truck down on the coping.

Once stalled in 50-50 you will need to be able to pull your front truck up and pull it back into the ramp and roll away. Just like a backside kickturn. Speed and the timing are the key to this trick.

  • Get speed by pumping or dropping in.
  • Come up the ramp perpendicular and be ready to lift the front truck and turn.
  • When nearing the top lift the front wheels up and start you kick turn.
  • You want the back truck to roll over the coping and lock onto it with the hanger.
  • Once locked keep pivoting on that hanger and place you front truck down on the coping.
  • Time the top of your turn with the top of the coping and get the front truck place properly.
  • If things go well you can stall for a second on the axles and then start the turn back into the ramp.
  • Lift your front truck a little and povit it into the ramp like a backside kickturn.
  • Once the wheels are down and clear of the coping you can put your body into the ramp and roll away like a champ!


Get you backside kickturns down solid and high on the ramp.

Be able to pull your front truck up and rotate almost 180 and then slam it down and roll back into the ramp.

This motion will get you ready for when you are doing it on the coping.

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