Backside Flip

The Backside Flip - is a backside 180 ollie with a kickflip.

Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, backside 180 ollie, kickflip.

Things to know

Backside flips are not tough to learn if you can do the three set up tricks. It is timing the body rotation, pop and flip together.

You must be rolling to try this trick. As you should be with any trick. When you land you might not get the full 180° rotation with the board and your body. Just slide out the wheels the rest of the way.

Getting better you will be able to land on the front trucks and pivot out the rest of the way.

As you practice this trick it will get easier and easier to pull around. That is when you will develop your style of doing it.

If the board starts to get away behind you when it flips. To stay over top of the board. Try leaning backwards into the trick a little more, pop straight up and higher. This will help keep it under your body through the trick.

A Fakie backside flip or halfcab flip will be easier to flip and control.

Try and base your rotation around the back truck (while riding fakie this would be the leading truck). That way you can begin the 180 rotation while you are popping the trick.

Popping and flicking will seem easier. if you aim to land on the back truck and pivot around on it the trick will be easier to land. It will look better if you aim to get the rotations done in the air and ride away clean.

My backside flips aren't great but I can do them...

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