Bean Plant

Bean Plant - A pop into a nosegrab while stepping off and planting your front foot with the back foot still on the board. Then jump back on the board and roll away. Can be done on flat ground without a pop. Or on a bank or quaterpipe and back in to fakie.

Such a fun trick.

It is more of a mental challenge then a technical trick. It is not hard to pop to board up into your hand but jumping back into the ramp off one foot can be a tough thing to commit to.

Because this is a step off trick you will often get a few cheers for pulling it off. It is a stylish and really adds to your bag of tricks with a solid step off.

Tricks you need to know

Rock to fakie, ollie to fakie, have lots of balance and confidence skating ramp.

Things to know

Try this on flat ground first. Then while rolling. Then on mellow banks and roll back down to fakie. Popping this trick into your hand can take a bit of timing to get used to.

Just crouch down and grab the nose.

Then step off with the front foot and stand up on it.

Then throw the board down and jump back on it in one motion.

To get this trick on a ramp you will need to pop the board into your hand at the same time as you take you front foot off the heelside and plant it on the ground. The timing is tricky. Relax and you will get it.

Once grabbed and planted you need to jump back into the ramp and place your foot back on before landing and rolling fakie.

If you can get the pop and grab out then it is a mental game just jumping back in.

I started by just crouching down and placing the board on the transition. Holding the nose with my front hand, my back foot on the board and my front foot on the deck.

Then putting my foot back on and rolling back in.

This gave me the confidence to roll in fakie after standing on the one foot.

After doing that for a while I started hopping bigger and eventually jumping back in. This trick is so fun I want to run and go skate right now!

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