Bertleman Slide

Bertleman Slide - A four wheeled slide in which the rider puts one hand on the ground and rotates the board 180ish sliding all four wheels. Mostly done on a bank or ramp.

Modeled after a surfer name Bertleman in the 60's who would touch the waves with his hand while surfing.

I think you can do it frontside or backside.

This trick involves getting down on the ground with your hands and screeching the wheels around. You can do it on a bank or slash your truck up onto coping during the slide.

Sliding down and coming out 180.

You can push it to 360 and roll out fakie if you want.

Be ready to get your hands dirty. It looks better if you only put down the trailing hand but both hands can go down if you want.

Stretching your legs straight really gets the style going with a trick like this.

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