Big Heelflip

Big Heelflip - Aka FS Bigspin Heelflip or FS Big Heel. It is like a laserflip with a frontside body varial.

This trick is much easier done fakie or nollie(for some of us, not me yet). It just pops easier. Doing it over a hip helps with getting the board rotated around. I have only ever seen someone do it on flat in videos with the pros.

Popping the flip is easier than you would think. It kind of flips the way you want it to with little effort. Pop a varial heelflip and rotate around over top of it. Staying in the air long enough for the flip and landing on it is the trickier part.

Set Up Tricks to Learn First

heelflip, frontside bigspin, varial heelflip

Try it Fakie. Its easier

This trick pops easier than you might think. Get the set up tricks down pretty good and then wind up to start a fakie frontside bigspin and pop the fakie varial heel at the same time.

The board will flip right to your feet if you give it time in the air. It is a pretty cool feeling because it just pops right into place.

You need to give it time to spin and then throw your feet down over the bolts. The board will meet you there. Try it and see.

Keep at it. This may be tough to get but once you have it dialed it is a super fun one to throw out.

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