Bigspin - A 360 pop shuvit with a body varial in the same direction.

Set Up Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, backside 180 ollie, shuvit, pop-shuvit, 360 shuvit.

Things to know about doing this trick

This trick looks much harder than it is. Getting it under you better will really step up you collection of tricks. Secretly it ain't that though.

Think of it like any big trick. To pop it is more like popping a backside varial kickflip. It is way easier to pull fakie, on a bank or transition. Done fakie it is almost simple and looks damn fine.

Set up your feet to do a varial kick and your body to do a backside 180.

Start to unwind and pop the flip trick.

It will feel like you are unwrapping the trick. A cool feeling with a lot of flip action under your feet. It is harder to rotate around the front truck or center of the board.

When doing this from normal to fakie you need to stay in the air longer. Then catch the nose and land on the front truck to pivot around. Unless you are pro-star and can flip it all the way around underneath.

Starting fakie you can rotate around the back truck. Catch the back truck and finish up the rotation with a concluding kickturn.

Roll away feeling like a master.

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