Blunt - or Blunt to fakie. A stall with the back truck on top of the deck and the tail just below it. To pop out you need an ollie.

A blunt to fakie is the best trick on ramp. It is challenging to lock in and pop out. You need to be skilled to pull these. The chance of getting caught on the coping and pitched to the flat bottom is high.

There are variations of getting in and out of this stall. The one you need to know is popping out to fakie. You can pop it to rock-to-fakie to get practice but do not waste time with this trick. It looks bad and is not as fun.

Tricks you need to know

Drop in, rock to fakie, ollie, ollie to fakie, have lots of balance and confidence skating ramp.

Things to know

This is an advanced trick so wait until you have some skills to attempt it.

Learn this trick in stages. First learning a blunt to rock. Then work on popping in to fakie.

Roll up to the coping with more speed than a rock to fakie would need.

Lift you front trucks up and over to coping and keep going.

Unweight your back wheels to let them roll over the coping.

Once over, place your weight back on the tail and press down to stall the board on top of the coping. Almost all of your weight will be on the tail. This will stop you from rolling out and away from the ramp holding you there in bluntstall.

A good bluntstall will leave you will just a little bit of room between the tail and the ramp. Enough so that you can pop the tail with an ollie.

You want to pop an ollie out of this stall and land back into the ramp going fakie.

The key is to pop high enough to clear your front trucks from the coping while on re-entry. But not so much that you come out and land on flat. Getting to much pop shouldn't be the problem at first. More like trying to get enough pop at all.

Pop the ollie out enough to clear the front trucks.

Try to land with you back trucks first and sort of fakie manual out to keep the front from catching.

This is a tricky out and takes a lot of practice to get the pop and timing right.

For practice

Get used to the blunt stall without bailing every time. Try popping into rock to fakie. Then rolling away like normal. This can increase your comfort level while in the blunt stall. That gives you the confidence needed to pop in and then out again.

Get used to clearing the coping. Try rolling up to the coping and going into manual at the top. Letting your front wheels clear the coping and then fakie manualling back down until the wheels can be safely placed on the ramp again.

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