CCS Skateboard

CCS or California Cheap Skates mail-order catalog. This was my first taste of skateboard equipment. Not having a skate shop in my town and before the internet. All I knew about skate goods was this catalog.

You can see how worn out it got.

I really wanted those small wheels. It was for my first real board. What did I know at that time?

One time we called the number and talked to the sales rep girl for like an hour. It was my first taste with California and the skate industry.

One order I made had spitfire wheels in it. There was one wheel that looked weird. It broke after I skated it for a while. I called and I think they sent me a full set.

Another time I ordered only one truck. Then two trucks came in the order.

Even another time. This is a weird story. I was working the night shift at the pickle factory in town. I had ordered a new Steve Olson Shorty's complete. When it came I opened it and put it together at 2 in the morning. I was so happy I started whistling. I had never whistled before. That is when I learned how.

Thanks for reading my story.

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