Disco Flip

Disco Flip - A heelflip backside 180 body varial. A heelflip sex change spinning backside.

I like to do this trick fakie. It is pretty easy to pop and feels pretty cool. I don't do it very often. Usually in a game of skate when I am running out of tricks. When you try this one you usually get a lot of groans from the other players. It isn't that common and kind of weird.

When you pop a normal heelflip your body tends to go off the board to the toeside a little. You can use this momentum to turn your body backside.

Because of this you don't really have to wind up too much to pull this trick off, especially fakie.

Get into normal heelflip position.

Ollie, pop and kick the front foot for the heelflip.

Turn your shoulders backside while you make the flick and continue to rotate your body.

You only need to rotate 90 degrees and you can put your feet on the board in the other stance. So throw your feet at the board once you get halfway around.

Catch it and roll away.

It is much easier to get the body rotation when going fakie. It almost seems like you don't need to rotate at all. In fact you can try the fakie disco with your shoulders already turned 90 degrees before you pop.

All in all this one won't become one of your go to tricks. It is good for once in a while when you are bored and need some variety. Or in a game of skate.

Let the groans commence.

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