Element Skateboards

Element Skateboards

Elements graphics are sporty and clean. It is a large and international company with distinct mens and womens lines of clothing. They have an online retail presence and their own retail stores.

Started by a skater in 1992. They have an ethical feel. They also give back to the skaters in a few ways.

The Element Skate Camp and the Make It Count amateur contest series. They also carry a team of good skaters. Nyjah Huston, Mark Appleyard, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim and more. I like this team because Nyjah's skating is a prime example of the sport. Mark Appleyard came from my area and I remember him when he was a young skater with his first sponsors.

The skate camp and contests work together as part of their skateboarding marketing.

The camp runs trough the summer in Visalia California. The contests take place at parks in many different countries. The winners of each contest get to go to the camp as part of there prize. Then all the winners get to skate and camp together for the week. At the end they do a contest between the champs. The winners get a sponsorship deal with Element.

It goes something like that. An amazing experience and we all get to see the footy of each step. A good campaign that gives back to the skaters. Way to go Element.

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