Fakie Kickturn

Fakie Kickturn - Riding fakie, switch or backwards and doing a kickturn to your normal stance. This is the first time you will completely change the direction you are rolling while on the skateboard.

Tricks you need to know

Riding fakie or switch, kickturns, Tic tacs.

Things to know

You want to start doing this trick frontside. That means you will be rotating and facing in the direction you are rolling. You will be facing forward the whole time.

Lets get started:

  • Start rolling backwards.
  • Get into kickturn stance on the front of the board instead of the back. It may feel a little awkward.
  • Wind up your body and get ready to do a kicturn from the front. Remember you will be turning and facing forward during the turn.

Figure out where your body will be going before you start the turn. This move is easy to do in the physical sense but really hard to get straight in your head. being new to skateboarding your mind isn't used to moving side to side and flipping between the two. It often makes it really hard to firgure out how to do tricks. Where to look and turn is unatural at first.

It helps if you can see it in your head first. Spend some time and think the trick through if that helps.

  • Start to unwind. You want to stay centered over the leading set of wheels. Pivot around this point. It will happen automatically when you unwind so be centered over the truck.
  • Lift the back wheels and pivot around the leading wheels. Notice that everything swings around pretty quickly.
  • Hold up the wheels until you spin around 180.
  • Let your wheels down and keep rolling.
  • Crouch your knees to help regain your balance.
  • Keep rolling.

You did it!


Get used to riding switch. Get used to the way it feels to roll both ways on your skateboard.

You are getting closer to some really good tricks. This is the first move that really feels like a trick when you first do it. Plus it look pretty cool to.

Keep at it!

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