Frontside Ollie

Frontside Ollie - A frontside 180 ollie on transition. Go up the quarterpipe ollie 180 facing the coping and land a half turn later rolling forwards and away.

Tricks to know

Drop in, ollie, 180 ollie, fs disaster.

Things to know

The frontside ollie is where you get to fly in the air. I am scared of catching my trucks on the coping so I stay out and away from it as best I can.

Roll towards the coping with a lot of speed. enough to roll out.
Turn your shoulders frontside and pop the ollie.
Hold the board up and out from the ramp and coping.
Rotate less than 180.
Pull your knees up to get some air.
Bring the board down onto the ramp.
Put the wheels down and roll away.

I don't ever want to hang up the trucks on the top of the coping. My frontside ollies are a little far out from the ramp with less air. I am that allergic to the coping.

Older skaters may have a different name for this trick. I am doing the best I can to give a standard set of trick names. Later Skater...


Try a lot of frontside kick turns and frontside slash grinds. This will get your used to the body position. You can add a little tail pop in and start getting the trick going.

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