Halfcab - A fakie backside 180 ollie or half a caballerial. A halfcab is a modifier trick. That means that any trick done with a fakie backside 180 in it is a halfcab.

Tricks to learn first

Learn kickturns from fakie to regular, ollies and 180 backside ollies.

A halfcab is done from fakie to your normal stance. This makes popping it pretty easy. You can rotate around the back truck before the pop and after the land. That works for a tiny ones when you are learning.

For a bigger one you will need to wind up your body and pop as high as you like. A lot of the rotation happens when you are past the peak of the ollie. This gives time for a nice tweak and good style. Riding fakie:

  • Place you back foot in ollie position
  • Place your front foot to the heelside of the ollie position. This gives a little more foot to control the board during rotation
  • Wind your shoulders up by turning backwards frontside while standing
  • Crouch
  • Start to unwind while popping the ollie. Your body and board should be rotated by the time you hit the tail on the ground.Pull your legs up and continue rotating.
  • When you peak the ollie start pulling your back foot up
  • Point your front foot while sweeping it around to the front. You will tweak the board quite nice if you get this right

Try to land with all 4 wheels at once for style points.

Practice landing on the back wheels or the front wheels to get you ready to land in grinds, slides or manuals.

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