Hardflip - A frontside pop shuvit kickflip.

Set Up Tricks to Learn First

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Things to know about doing this trick

This is a tough one to get so make sure you have the set up tricks down pretty good before you start throwing this one around. You will need to be comfortable in the air while this flips. You will also need to be able to throw your feet at the board when the flip is done. Get a lot of practice on your tre's first. It will be worth it.

This trick is similar to a frontside flip. The only difference is that your body does not rotate. So learn frontside flips first.

When you pop this trick get the flat rotation spinning before you hit the tail on the ground.

Once the board is in the air flick the flip.

The board will flip between your legs and underneath you. You can't see it very well during this trick. Just trust that it is there. When you get a good flip you can feel it without seeing it. I learned it by just popping and landing it with my front foot in front of me first. Once I got the flip I started trying to land with both feet.

Doing this trick Fakie

Like any flip trick popping this trick fakie will be easier to flip but harder to control.

Fakie hardflips are sick. If you pull one your are good. It looks better than a regular hard flip and is surprisingly easy to pop when done right.

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