Hippy Jump

Hippy Jump - Jumping up and off then back onto the board while rolling. You can go over an obstacle and let your board roll under it. This is the official version. It can also be done 180 or body varial.

To do a hippy jump you need something to jump over while your board rolls under. Anything will do a bench or nothing at all, it doesn't matter.

This trick is fun and not that hard once you have good balance on the board. You can use it as practice for other tricks or while goofing around with your friends.

Body Varial

Try doing a body varial hippy jump. That is when you jump, turn 180 and land on the board. Jump to switchstance and then jump back. This gets you good at adjusting your balance and landing tricks. Plus any practice you can get rolling switch will benefit you a lot as you want to do more and more tricks. Try it turning frontside first, then backside. Frontsides are easier to see your board.

  • Start rolling at medium speed.
  • Crouch down a bit to jump.
  • Wind your shoulders and arms up in the opposite way that you want to spin.
  • Start to unwind and jump.
  • Rotate while in the air and put your feet back on the board.
  • Bend your knees when landing to absorb the jump and the left over rotation.
  • Crouching always helps with balance.
  • By now you should be rolling away in your switch stance.

Try this both frontside, backside and from switch to normal stance. It is good too practice the balance that you will use in doing real tricks.

Hippy jumps are good for playing around and doing dorky tricks with friends. They really improve your balance and body control. This will be helpful as you start trying more and more tricks.

Pulling one in a game of SKATE can be fun but make sure it isn't a serious game. Doing hippy jumps is mostly for fun and practice. Have fun with the body varials but don't take it too seriously.Body Varial - Jumping and turning 180 separate from the skateboard. Can be done during any combination of tricks.

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