How to Ollie
Higher and Longer

Got the timing down see how to ollie higher and longer.

Make sure you are rolling when you ollie.

You are now ready to slide your foot and tweak your ollie for height. When you can weak the board and feel it. That is when you know how to ollie well.

When you level out the ollie with your front foot. Push the foot lower and pull the back foot up higher. Push the front foot lower and tweak the board down. It will really stick to your feet and give you a nice high ollie.

The front foot will start sliding up the board and tweaking it out. The back foot will just continue to rise, up and over things.

Higher and Longer Ollies

For a higher ollie try pulling your front foot closer to the tail. Put it over the middle point of your board and jump really high. Then tweak. 
When you pull your front foot back you are letting the board rise higher and quicker before you pop the tail. This lets you ollie higher. Be careful it can be harder to control too.

To do a longer ollie and clear gaps you will need a lot of speed. Go fast and put your front foot closer to the nose. This will make it easier to control and hold your board while you clear the gap.

Remember .
Get the basic down first. Then move on to the next step.
Get the: 
Timing for consistency.
Tweak for height and style.
Move the front foot back for Height.
Move it forward for Distance.