Kickturn on a Ramp

Doing a kickturn on a ramp or transition is a great skill. It is the first trick you will learn on a ramp. You really need to work on pumping first to get a feel for a the ramp before you start this trick.

Tricks to Know First

Rolling, pumping on a ramp, kickturn, fakie.

Things to know about this trick

Try learning a backside kickturn first. I would not even bother learning a frontside kickturn for a long while. They are tough and take a lot of work to be able to do them. We want to learn as many tricks we can quickly. So lets focus on getting the easy and fun ones done first.

This move requires enough speed to get up and onto the ramp. You will also need to be able to turn the kickturn more than 90°. You will be rolling up the ramp, turning almost 180° and rolling back down the ramp.

Backside Kicturn on a Ramp.

Many of the skills you learned doing a kickturn will help when doing them on a ramp. Of course you will learn some new skills too.

You need to spot you kickturn on a ramp. Look at the ramps and see where you will roll to, where you will do the kickturn and where you will roll away. The kickturn is down at the highest point that you will roll too on the ramp. You roll up turn and come back down all in one motion.

  • Once you have spotted your line.
  • You can then get rolling and in stance to make the turn.
  • When rolling up the ramp crouch with your knees.
  • When you start to slow down while rolling up the ramp, turn your arms, shoulders and hips slightly frontside (to your heelside).
  • When you are almost at a complete stop swing the arms then shoulders then hips backside (to your toeside).
  • Once in motion lift up the front wheels.
  • You will start turning backside on your back wheels.
  • Rotate enough to be able to roll back down the ramp sort of straight.
  • Put those front wheels down crouch and roll away.

The timing and rotating all the way around is the key to the kickturn on a ramp.


Keep working on this trick over and over. Go faster to get higher up the ramp. You should be able to hold your wheels up a long time while rotating. Get this trick almost up to the coping or top of the ramp. When you get comfortable try and pump through the turn. Gaining speed on the ramp during the trick.

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