Lipslide - Aka Disaster. A boardslide where you alley oop onto the edge from the side.

Tricks to know

Ollie, boardslide, 180 ollie.

Things to know

This trick is an ollie up and over what you are sliding. You do an ollie 180 move called an alley oop. It is kind of a twisting ollie where you rotate one way but drift off to the opposite direction. This is an advanced trick. The alley oop and landing is a challenge at first. Once mastered this is a great go to trick.

Lipslides are a great trick but they can be costly. Since you are going up and coming back down on the centre of the skateboard you often risk breaking the board. This can be a disaster. A disaster is an older name for this trick when done on ramp. Its a disaster when the board snaps and breaks.

Knowing this it is good to fit your ollie to the trick subtly.

You can do a lipslide on a rail or a ledge. The rail one is the tricky one for breaks. Doing it on a ledge your need to make sure that the top side of the ledge is slippery. Where the wheels will drag it needs to be waxed. Otherwise it will be a sticky situation.

It is best to do this trick on an obstacle where you can slide off the end with a little pop. It is a little more advanced to pop out of a ledge and a real trick to pop out off a rail.

Let’s do the front lip. Back lips are tough and saved for later.

The frontside lipslide on a rail:

  • Roll with some pretty good speed. You will want to be able to clear whatever you are going to slide and have enough speed to slide on it. This is not a weak little trick so get rolling strong.
  • Roll up facing the rail at angle around 15-30°.
  • Get into frontside 180° ollie position.
  • You will need to ollie high enough to clear the top of the rail with your back wheels.
  • Pop the ollie and start rotating 180.
  • You want to drift the back wheels up and over the rail while leaving the front wheels in front.
  • To do the alley-oop, twist up in the air and land wheel the back wheels are high enough throw them done over the rail. While pointing your front wheels down and below the rail.
  • Connect with the rail in the center of the board and keep twisting until you are pretty perpendicular and sliding. The board will bend and flex and you while likely be twisted and sort of sideways. You have to really place the board down forcefully to get it in place.
  • Try and land with your back foot on the tail and your front foot just behind the front bolts. If you land with your feet spread and the rail right in the middle you are risking a broken deck. If you can land with the front foot more or less right in line with and on top of the rail there is much less risk of breakage.
  • Once in the slide crouch and bend your knees to absorb shock and stay on the rail.
  • Stay on the rail and slide like a rockstar. Slide of the end and turn 90° to get the board straight to roll.

It can be helpful to set up into position to do a 50-50. Ready to ollie up high enough to land on the trucks. Then once you are high enough in the air, twist the board down into lipslide position.

This can get you high enough to do the trick but not so high that you snap your deck when you land.

To do a lipslide on a ledge follow the same steps. When you land let your wheels touch the ledge and slide. Try and keep most of the weight on the deck to keep the slide going.


I don’t do this trick often because it can snap board like no other. Even then, it is super fun and not a difficult trick. Ollie up, alley-oop, land and slide away. It feels pretty good to twist into and out of this trick.

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