Ollie on a Skateboard

Why ollie on a skateboard?

It's fun.

Being able to jump while rolling on a skateboard might seem like a simple thing. You might wonder. "What's the big deal?"

When you learn to ollie the feeling is amazing, the freedom to ride the streets and all the new tricks to try.

The Feeling

Rolling fast. Pop an ollie, smashing the wheels down, even faster. Hopping up to grind a ledge. Slashing your trucks on a curb. Ripping down the street. The sounds and shaking board. The grinding and popping feel very real. The smoothness while flying through the air.

Roller coasters become boring. I can push, pull, fly and slash anywhere i want.

Point the front foot and pull up the back high as you can. Your body strains to tweak the deck. In a tight shape, pulling higher.  A fraction of a second. Then smash the wheels down, back to rolling solid down the street.

The Freedom

When you learn to ollie on a skateboard the streets change into something completely different. Any skater will know. They look at the world as a place to skateboard. Every curb block, boulevard, stair case, planter and railing become something special.

The only way I can describe it is these boring objects become like bonus items in a video game.

A good stair is flashing with 1000 bonus points. Waiting to be jumped. A ledge looks like a piece of candy to be chomped.

When you learn to roll on a skateboard the streets open up to you. They become a raceway to roll on. At you look for nice smooth routes to ride. Areas with no obstacles in the way. Away from traffic. And no pesky curb to roll up to.  Making you have to stop and pick up your board.

Darn it!

When you learn to ollie curbs and gaps don’t matter anymore. You can jump them. It become a fun obstacle course to roll through. It is freeing to roll around with no hands. Popping up down and over anything you like. Being able to cruise down any street and be in control.

This is the best part of learning skateboarding.

The Flexibility

With a good ollie pop you can learn thousands of tricks. The ollie lets you get off the ground on your skateboard. When mastered you can hop up and down most things. You can ollie onto a ledge and grind. You can learn 180’s or kickflips.

Popping tricks on flat ground is a very satisfying feeling.

Once you learn to ollie on a skateboard. You just know.

I am not the best at describing it.
The sounds and the feel are something skaters just know. We see the world as a playground to be shredded.