Ollie to Fakie

Ollie to Fakie - Rolling up a ramp, doing an ollie and rolling back down.

Tricks you need to know

Pumping, drop in, fakie, ollie

Things to know

The ollie to fakie trick is very fun. Lofting a floaty ollie to fakie up over the coping and deck of a ramp is a weightless feeling. It looks good and feels a lot like flying. The plus of getting some air is a real addition to your run full of lip tricks. It also opens the door for a lot of different grab and flip tricks too.

It will take some time before you can get any reall height with this. Just like flat ground ollies. You need to be cautious though. Time your ollie and landing to stay rolling. You don’t want to tip over or hang up your truck on the coping.

The balance can be tricky. Rolling on the ramp means you are leaning forward and backward a lot to stay stable. Just like a teapot trying not to spill. When you add an ollie into the mix it can be tough to find the balance.

When you put down an ollie there is often a lot of force coming down with you. That makes leaning even a little off center dangerous. A little forward can put your board behind you. You then land on it and it rolls out away down the ramp leaving you laying on the transition. Lean a little bit too far back and the same thing can happen. The board can shot way up and out of the ramp and you fly down to the flat bottom. Oh and the board often comes back down and lands on you.

When you start getting height it is important not to hang up on the coping. When you start to ollie higher than the coping the trick get fun and more dangerous. If you go up and comeback down with the front wheels at or above the coping they may get caught on the coping. This will leave the board up there and your body falling pretty quickly right at the flat bottom. Overall we want to stay away from falling to the flat bottom.

To do an ollie to fakie:

  • Roll at the transition with good speed. Enough for to get up and do a lip trick.
  • Get your feet in ollie position and square up your shoulders over the board. You need to be square with the board to stay balanced through this trick.
  • Pop the ollie when you are just about stopped rolling up. You can use the upward rolling momentum to get higher into the air. Let’s just use it a little for now.
  • You need to pop the ollie up and out of the ramp. By out I mean that the goal is to rise up perpendicular to the curve of the ramp you are on. If you stay perpendicular then the balance and landing will be much easier.
  • To get good height you really need to tweak the front foot straight and pull the back foot up. Pulling the back wheels up will feel good and give you a good sized ollie.
  • Landing is the tricky part. You need to spot your landing below the coping. Thy to land with all 4 wheels at once. Really look at the coping and the front wheels to make sure that you do not hang up and clip yourself off.
  • Once on all 4 wheels crouch to get balance and roll out fakie.

The goal is to get up over the coping. Getting your whole body and the back wheels up and over the ramp is a great feeling. Keep an eye on that landing though. Don’t clip. It hurts.

Stay perpendicular to the part of the ramp your are skater for balance.
Pump into the trick for height.
Roll faster and use that upward roll to launch you higher.
Tweak for height.

When you start to get higher eye the landing and be lighter on the front wheels incase a hang up happens.


Try doing little ollie to fakies low on the ramp, down far from the coping. Just pop a little ollie and get used to the balance and tweak. Pick a really big quarterpipe and pop some ollies. Roll higher and higher to get the feel. Spot your landings and see how well you can execute them.

The ollie to fakie trick will pop small at first and that won't be much fun. Over time you will be able to race into them and really float over the ramp.

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