Overturn - A 5-0 grind popped into a switch crooked grind and vice versa. This trick has lots of variations. Frontside, backside or crooks to 5-0. Popping out to fakie, revert or however you want if your name is Deawon Song.

The best out there will be able to grind pop then grind some more. I can do it 5-0 grind to switch crooks stall on a ledge or on a quarter pipe. I grind a bit in 5-0 then pop to switch crooked stall. A little wax and a lot of practice may let me keep the grind after the pop.

Tricks you need to know

You need frontside 5-0 grinds and switch backside crooked grinds for this trick.

Things to know

The trick is to be over you board when in 5-0 and pop the wheels over the ledge and into the switch crooks in a quick twisting motion.

I was always baffled at how to stay on top and not fall to tail when doing the trick. I looked at it in videos a lot and was stumped.

It wasn't until I tried it on a real ledge that I saw how simple the motion is. Just like popping out of a crooked grind. Pop it and twist just right and there isn't enough time for the board to fall to tail.

You pop and throw the board into switch crooks. It will lock in pretty easily. I was surprised how easy it slipped into the crooks.

The trick is to pop the board up over the top and not let your wheels fall below the edge.

Do it quick enough that you don't end up on top with both wheels just standing there. That would be a different trick altogether.


I practiced on a low ledge first. I would set my board up in frontside 5-0 stall and just pop into the switch crooks stall. I did this a bunch of times until I was ready to try ollieing into it.

Slowly I would ollie and grind a little then pop and eventually I was able to do the pop while grinding.

If I waxed the crap out of the ledge I think I can get the grind pop grind.

I will try it soon enough!

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