Roll In

Roll In - Rolling into and down a bank or transition.

Tricks you need to know

Good balance on a rolling skateboard. Tic-tacs, backside kickturn, pushing with you feet.

Things to know

There are two types of roll in's. Rolling into a bank which is bare bones basic and rolling into a transition which is a more advanced trick.

Rolling into a bank is essential for any park skating and for a lot of street skating.

Doing this trick is very easy depending on the slope. It just requires the proper set up. This is the number one thing novice skateboarders do not get. They need to set up for their tricks!

To roll into a bank you need to start many feet back from the bank. Stand on your board and push into you are moving at a comfortable pace.

Then get your balance ready while you are rolling. This is key!

When rolling toward the bank you will crouch your knees and stay a little low to be ready to go down the angle.

When you reach the bank just stay low and adjust as you need to.

You will start going faster and it will be very different and even a little scary. Stay low and just roll. You can do it.

When you get to the bottom you will be going fast. Keep you balance stay low and you will roll through the change to flat and keep going.


You need to have confidence in your balance while you roll through the top and bottom of the bank.

If you have practiced the set up tricks then you will have not problem doing this. It will be really fun.

Rolling into a Trannsition

This trick seems like death at first. You can be an experienced skate who can drop in and carve and still be stumped by this one. Because the transition drops off so fast it can feel like you are rolling right to the flat bottom.

The key is that you are not. You are rolling into the top of the transition. If done properly your back wheels will barely leave the ground.

There are three different directions you can roll in from. Frontside, backside and perpendicular.

I find, Frontside is the easiest to turn into. Backside is the easiest to learn with a cheat. Perpendicular works if you can get a good amount of speed or aren't to worried about throwing your weight into the ramp.

I will cover Backside with the cheat.

Roll towards the coping facing the ramp at a 30 degree angle.

when you get close turn into the ramp with a small backside kick turn and try and catch your back truck on the coping.

Just roll in like you would from a backside 5-0 stall.

Do this over and over until you can just skip catching the truck and roll over the coping and in.

To roll in Frontside. Rool at the ramp at around 30 degree facing away from it.

Lift you front truck slightly and lean into the ramp(scary). Liek you are going off a curb.

Let your back wheels sort of pop over the coping and drop all four wheels down on the ramp.

If you leaned right your are cruising fast.

If not,

Be ready for some weird bails on this one.

Roll-ins are very useful and they can give you a lot of speed. During a fierce session at a busy ramp then may be the only way you can get a turn.
So learn em and rip!

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