SBI Review

This SBI Review is great. Straight from the heart. SBI has been an amazing addition to my professional and personal life.  Making a high traffic website about ADHD first. Then switching to a topic I love, Skateboarding. Where I made a website the gets 1000 visitors a day and has for 4 plus years.

I learned how the internet works from SBI. Site Build It is the tool that allowed me to build a website about my passion that thousands of people see every day.

Discover SBI

I discovered SBI in 2008 when I was reading The personal development website. I was looking for a way to express myself online. Steve recommended Site Build It! or Solo Build It! as it is now called.

SBI! is a website builder that teaches you how the internet uses keywords to find content. In a step by step way they show you how to use keywords to research and build a website that will have high traffic.

SBI uses videos, manuals, articles, forums, and a lot of hands on training to show you how to build a great website. Did I mention all the tools they provide as a subscriber? They have keyword research tools, webpage builders, graphics tools, and special search tools that let you see what other websites are doing.

All the tools and training are a part of one yearly subscription. No add-ons. It is all included.

I have enjoyed my skateboard website so much over the last few years. The traffic has grown and remains steady at 1000 new visitors a day for 4 years. The problem I have now is who will I leave my website too in my will.

Want proof? look for here on SBI's site ranking page. Look in the sports section for Its there.

Look out for fake reviews of SBI!. These reviews are written by people who are paid to sell another product. SBI has been a great addition to my hobbie of skateboarding. I now have a great website and I am still building.

If you are willing to put in the work to get a high traffic website then SBI is for you.

I give an excellent SBI review.

Nan @