Sex Change

Sex Change - A kickflip frontside 180 body varial.

Set Up Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, frontside 180 ollie, backside pop shuvit, kickflip, varial kickflip.

Things to know about doing this trick

This trick is very similar to a varial kickflip. The difference is that your body will rotate and not your board while the board flips.

I learned this trick before I could do proper kickflips. I was able to flick and flip that board but the rotation of my body after the flip caused it to spin around and change my stance. I was not able to control my body enough at first.

It took a few days to figure out how to stay stable and not spin while doing a kick flip. I learned to spread my arms wide and that stopped the rotation of my body.

  • To do this trick get ready in the same stance you would be for a varial kickflip.
  • Then wind up you body up for a frontside 180.
  • Start to jump, pop and unwind you body at the same time.
  • Once popped keep turning your shoulders for the 180 and flick the flip.
  • Be subtle with the back foot don't flick the shuvit with it. Instead pop straight up and turn with you upper body.
  • Once it flips throw your feet at the board in a switched stance position.
  • Land and stay on. You can roll away.

See, no problem.

Going fakie and trying this trick is fun to. I have only ever tried it a few times. Like most fakie tricks it is easier to get the flip so be subtle with your flick.

It is pretty cool be cause you end up flying completely backwards in that air while doing the flip. Then landing a rolling away almost blind.

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