Skateboard Crashes

"Awww, I'm in the slam section!"
circa 1989

Skateboard crashes are a part of life. The sooner you get used to it the better. I mention a few ways to keep from getting hurt at falling on a skateboard. really though if you are going to be skating seriously. you are going to get smashed seriously. There is no way around it.

In fact if you aren't taking some serious damage once in a while you aren't really skateboarding.

A good slam is worth it. The mind numbing pain. The limp for days. The burning fire of an ankle tweaked in the afternoon hours later.

you got it. Slamming and skateboarding are one and the same.

Slam sections

Pushing yourself.

Healing. as you get older it stings longer.

The injures you will get to know.


this is when the deck of the skateboard hits you shin or ankle. It usually happens when try flip tricks and it hurts. The board will fly into your leg and smash your shin.


masonite burn

Wear your helmet sometimes. Pads are not a bad idea.