Skateboard Filming

If you know someone you can do skateboard filming they are worth their weight in gold.

if you have no footage it can never be shared.

Skaters rarely film well, often too distracted with skating to stop and get behind the camera.

Friends are usually more interested in playing with the camera than doing a good job filming.

practice the shot.
move the shot through

steady shot

filmng board

bad filming: shaky, bad edits, messing with the camera. not focused on filming. missing the trick, using bad angles, using artsy angles that f-up the trick, loosing the footage, deleting the footage, not sending you or hoarding the footage, steeling the footage and using it for themselves with no credit,  taking your footage and re-editing it as theirs,

Good filming:

smooth, steady, focused, getting the whole subject in frames throughout the whole trick. leaving enouugh before and after to edit with. (fakie record) good angle, good background.

There are so many reasons that getting good skateboarding filming is difficult.

once you get it it is awesome.

tips for good filming and editing.

you do not need a great camera to get good quality footage that you can share online.

A basic digital camera and some cellphones are good enough for most web sharing of footage.

My Iphone has taken great footage with a little bit of though and focus on the actual filming.

How to film a trick.

step by step

pick the spot and the trick.

pick your angle and pan.

how to hold the camera

record the trick and avoid getting hit.

record after and show the end of a good edit.

Of course you can devote yourself to photos and filming full-time but this will get you started with something good enough to put on youtube and share with the world.