Skateboard Tool

I have come up with a design for an all-in-one skateboard tool. This tool will fit in your pocket and have all to parts needed to tune up your skateboard on the go.

My board often needs the screws tightened and the kingpin adjusted.  Every few skate I need my tools.  I always forget them at home.  

This leaves me with a board they has loose screws holding on the wheels or the trucks.

There are many skate tools available that have the proper screw drivers and wrenches on them.  The draw back is that they are oddly shaped and you can't just throw them in your pocket and forget about them.  They are tough to carry with you and get left at home.  When you need them while out skateboarding.

It is for that reason I designed an all-in-one skate tool that with fit in your pocket. Plus a few other features.

It will make it available for sale on this website soon.  I am excited about this project and look forward to getting a few test tools made.

Stay tuned to for the upcoming all-in-one skate tool!