Installing Skateboard Wallpaper

You can really spice up your child’s bedroom with some themed wallpaper borders. It can be done relatively easily. So easy in fact it could be a surprise for a birthday or reward for a great report card.Throw the boarder up while you child is out and they can come back to a huge surprise.

Let me show you how.

This article is a how to for installing skateboarding themed wallpaper borders in a bedroom. The other one is about getting skateboard backgrounds for your computer.

The Perfect “Skate Border”

Most borders are pre-pasted to make installation easy. Decide which corner you are to begin with. Choose the least looked at corner since the end will not match.

  • In several spots around the room. Mark the wall lightly with a pencil at roughly 3'-0" (1 meter). This will help you keep the border at the same height all the way around.
  • You can also put it up right at the top of the wall. This is harder to reach but easier to light up with the ceiling.
  • Re-roll your border inside-out (design should not be visible)and submerge in water for the length of time according to the directions included with your border. Borders typically take only a few seconds to activate.
  • Next, slowly and carefully unroll the border in a loosely folding accordion fashion with pasted sides together as you remove it from the water. Most borders need some time for the adhesive to "set". Again check the instructions for their suggested time - usually about 3 minutes.
  • Apply to the wall by unfolding the border and smoothing as you go. A damp sponge is a good tool for smoothing. This also cleans the excess adhesive from the wall and border which is very important.Now you are ready to hang the next border.
  • Wet it and fold it as you did before. This time when you apply the border to the wall you want to match the pattern.
  • Overlap the ends of the border until the design matches.
  • Finish hanging this border, then go back and trim where the borders overlap by cutting through both layers using a very sharp razor knife. Peel off excess border and discard.
  • Continue around the room in this fashion. Remember to thoroughly wipe all excess adhesive off your border.

Then step back and admire your brand new “skate border” room. Your child will Love It!

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