Skateboard Wikis
give poor information.

I often cringe at the bad advice skateboard wikis give. is written by me, a skater who knows and cares about skateboarding.

I am passionate about it and get really fired up about it. That is why I hate when other sites and wikis give bad advice. Often giving skateboarding information that is flat out wrong.

They use writers who are paid to write about a topic they don't know anything about. They do not skate or never touched a skateboard. This is because they see money to be made from skateboarding. So they hire random writers to pull together generic and incorrect information about skateboarding. Then proceed to write it up like they have a clue about what it feels like to ollie, or land a flip trick.

The websites like about and ehow and all the rest are trying to make a buck off skateboarding. They don't know anything about it.

Stay Away!

do no enter

Do Not Enter

I get upset because I know a lot of people are reading these wikis and being told things that are just not true. The writers can make it look like they have some knowledge but they don't. They are giving bad advice. This makes it tough and confusing for a skater who is learning. is made
by a skater for skaters

I am a skater and know how to talk like a skater. Please listen. I make tips and topics clear and easy to understand. I make learning skateboarding easier for the novice or the shredder. My goal is to get more people skateboarding better. Please support skater owned and operated companies.

That is the best way to keep skateboarding great. Long standing magazines like Thrasher, Transworld Skateboarding and the Skateboard Mag. Brands that have been around since the tough times.

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