Smith Grind

Smith Grind - The back truck grinds the edge, while the front truck hangs down below the near side of the object.

Tricks to know first

KickturnOllie180 ollieboardslide, 50-50 grind, 5-0 grind.

Things to Know

The smith is a grind on your back truck and the rail of your deck. Be comfortable with 5-0 grinds. You can lock into this grind well. When you do you will feel the grind through the deck and the truck. The pop out involves an ollie to unlock from the grind.

Roll up like the 50-50:

  • Roll toward the curb at less than a 30° angle with some speed.
  • When you get start to ollie.
  • Ollie up onto the edge aiming your back truck at the corner. Aim that truck to land with the hanger on the corner. You want the truck to lock in with the wheel under the heel pushed right up to the grind edge.
  • You will start grinding right away. 
  • Angle the front away from the edge.
  • put the truck down below the edge.
  • The deck rail between your toes will touch the edge and can slide.
  • Lock in and Grind! 
  • Crouch those legs to adjust your balance and feel the grind.
  • Grind until you stop or come to the end of the grind edge.
  • Pop a small ollie out.
  • Or lift of the end to clear the edge and roll away.

Popping off can be tough. Don’t let that stop you from adding a little pop out.

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