Tic-Tac - Several small kickturns back and forth. Pushing forward with each kick will give you speed.

Done right you can use kickturns to gain speed. No need to take your feet off the board. Tic-tac's improve your balance and strength on the skateboard like no other move.

skateboard tic-tacskateboard tic-tac

Tricks you need to know

Getting on and off the skateboard, pushing with you foot, Good balance while rolling, turning by leaning, kickturn.

Things to know

This is just like a kickturn. Just little ones done over and over. You will really be pushing off from the ground with the turn.

When doing a kickturn your board and body will rotate more than 90 degrees, up to 180. Tic-tacs rotate only about 20 degrees. The idea is to push yourself forward with a lot of little side to side turns. The angle allows you to apply force to the ground. Turn by turn it will propel you forward. When you get the feel this It is pretty cool.  It takes a bit to get the hang of it.

Get rolling.
Do a few small kickturns back and forth.
When you do the turn push extra hard off the ground. Do these like you are paddling in a canoe.
Paddle each side and then drop the wheels down before you turn too much.

A tic-tac will be a quick motion between each turn and sound like tic-tac-tic-tac.


This takes practice until you get the feel for it. Once you do start to feel the push and gain speed, Keep Going!

It will feel great.
One more thing under your belt.

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