Varial Kickflip

Varial Kickflip - Aka 180 Shuvit Kickflip. A backside pop shuvit kickflip.

Set Up Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, backside pop shuvit, kickflip

Things to know about doing this trick

This trick is a good one to learn to get good board control. Once mastered move on to the 360 flip and forget about it. That is what I did. I don't really care for how this trick feels or looks. I just go for a tre.

  • Set up with your back foot in backside pop shuvit postion and your front foot in kickflip position.
  • Go ahead and start to do a pop shuvit and once the board hits the ground flick your front foot sort of like a kickflip.
  • The board will have rotated a little bit perpendicular to the direction of travel. So the flick will be forward or right off the side of the partially rotated deck.
  • Let it flip and continue to spin shuvit.
  • Once it comes around put your feet on it and roll away.

There is a tendency for the board to stop spinning flat when you flick the spin. Adjust how hard you flick to be sure that the trick keeps going.

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