Vision Skateboards

Vision Skateboards

Vision was a brand in the 80's. They had boards and shoes. This brand had hi top shoes and florescent graphics.

One of my first skate videos was Vision Barge at Will. The quality of skateboarding was not high. They seemed to be driving at a the feel and look of skateboarding. Rather than pushing the tricks. I think that is cool. Not every skater wants to be the best. Most just want to have fun and skate. This brand is fun with an 80's vibe.

The big skater was Gator. He had some trouble with the law when he murdered someone and put them in a snowboard bag. A bad time and not representative of the brand. Yet they are still selling his graphic. I don't know the whole story. It sounds bleak. There may be a documentary about it. Investigate if you like.

Vision is still popular now.

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