The Concrete Wave.
How I feel about Skateboarding.

This Concrete Wave segment was on the Outdoor Life Network OLN in 2001. Its the Dunnville skatepark Skateboard Jam.

Please press the Play button in the player controls to watch this video. It shows people skating and having fun and skateboarding at a Jam that put together a few years in a row.

This is about as good a picture I can give of what I feel about skateboarding.

I believe that skateboarding should be accessible to everyone

If there is a skateboarding event I want people who come to that event to skate.

That is why I set up the skate competition in Dunnville as a Skate Jam. That means that everyone can skate at any time. There will be little competitions going on the whole time. There was a highest ollie, best trick on the wedge, best trick on the quarterpipe, best trick on the rail.

You can skate during the events. Skate the other stuff or watch the best skaters go at it.

I don't like it when you have to sit, wait and watch. When what you want to do is take part.

Everyone should be able to for the most part. Young, old, boy and girl. If you like skateboarding then get in there.

To compete you don't have to be good. When you get in there and start skating with others you have a lot more fun and learn way faster too. Your confidence will grow.

I like the the Skateboard Jam format. I look forward to being able to have some again in the future.

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