Feeble Grind

Feeble Grind - The back truck grinds the edge while the front truck hangs over the top or on the far side if it is a rail.

Tricks to know

KickturnOllie180 ollieboardslide50-50 grind5-0 grind, smith grind.

Things to know

The feeble is a grind with you deck on top of the rail and your back truck hooked on the rail. Be comfortable with 5-0's and smiths grinds. Feebles have a solid lock in on a rail. The pop out can be tricky. Popping out 180 is easier but looks way harder. This is about backside feebles. I haven't figured frontside feebles out yet.

Roll up like a backside 50-50:

  • Roll toward the curb at less than a 30° angle with some speed.
  • When you get start to ollie.
  • Ollie up onto the edge aiming your back truck at the corner. Aim that truck to land with the hanger next o the wheel of your heel on the corner. You want the truck to lock in with the wheel under the heel pushed right up to the grind edge.
  • Put the edge of your deck onto the rail. The deck rail between your toes will touch the edge and can slide.
  • Lock in and Grind! 
  • Crouch those legs to adjust your balance and feel the grind.
  • Grind until you stop or come to the end of the grind edge.
  • Pop a small ollie out straight.
  • Or let the deck slide off and twist. Use that momentum to turn out 180.

Popping off can be tough. Don’t let that stop you from adding a little pop out.

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