Frontside Flip

The Frontside Flip is a frontside 180 ollie with a kickflip. A trick with a lot of variations.

Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, 180 ollie, kickflip.

Things to know

When you flick the flip it will go up through your legs a bit. Let it go through and then catch it. Land on it and roll away. If you hold the front foot out the board should move to meet it in the air. This can look a lot like a hardflip. If done with weird style it will look like an illusion flip. Kind of like a funny pop shuvit like flip.

A different way is to catch the board in the air at 90° and hold it the rest of the way. The deck does not go through your legs with this style. It looks great but is more difficult.

You need to give the board time to flip while you do this trick. That means you need to jump high, pop hard and get your feet out of the way. Let the board flip and then land on it.


Practice popping and flipping the board first. Just try and land with one foot one and get the timing down nicely.

Once you feel confident with the pop, flip and one foot catch. Then try and land on it. Work on the timing in the air and keeping your feet away from the flipping board. That will help you get the trick down.

Doing this trick Fakie

Popping a fakie frontside flip will be easier. It is a bit tougher to control and you will be rolling blind. You really need to rotate the shoulders from one stance to the other to get this trick to work.

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