Nose Manual

Nose Manual - Rolling on the front wheels. It requires great balance. Compared to a manual this trick is, well much trickier.

Tricks to know first

Rolling, turning, kickturn, manual.

Things to know

This trick appears simple but the balance and steering is tough. To tackle the nose manual your need to have solid balance and skills on a skateboard. As soon as you lean up on the front wheels the board gets tough to control.

You are now steering with the front truck and it works different than the back truck. Most of your skateboarding involves using the back trucks to steer. The tail is main pivot point for steering and tricks. So you get used to turning in a certain way.

The turning on the nose is reversed. It gets sensitive and small movements have a great affect on your balance and rolling.

When doing a manual you can let the tail drag a bit if you can’t hold it up. No big deal, sure it wears down the board but you don’t fall from it. In a this trick when the nose tips down and hits the ground the board will stop, dead. You get pitched.

To do a nose manual.

  • Get rolling.
  • Place your back foot on the back bolts.
  • Place your front foot on the nose kick.
  • Tip up onto the front wheels into position. Find the sweet spot.
  • Put your arms up and out to help you stabilize.
  • Drop the back wheels down.
  • Roll away.

For a more advanced trick. Ollie onto a pad, nose manual it and pop off the end. To do this you will need to know ollies and nollies. Find curb or pad you can ollie up and off.

  • Get rolling.
  • Ollie up over the curb.
  • Land in a position with the only the front wheels touching. Placing more weight on the nose to keep the back wheels up.
  • Don’t go too far forward and hit the nose kick on the ground. You will tip over.
  • Keep those back wheels up.
  • When you get to the end of the pad, nollie pop and use your momentum to clear the back wheels to the ground.

You need enough speed to clear the back wheels wheel you pop off. Clearing the back wheels is important to landing the trick. If they clip it sucks and will ruin the trick. It might even send you tumbling down.

Practice your nose manual

Try riding your skateboard with you feet on the front.  Attempt to turn and roll using the front truck only.  This will give you the feel of turning you need to get the trick.

If the back wheels touch just lift them back up. Don’t give up on the trick, keep going for it and land it clean next time. It is worth it to be persistent. I am pretty weak at manuals so I need to try hard to get them to work.

Nose manuals are a tough but great trick.

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