Revert - A rotation done by dragging the wheels along the ground. It can be done frontside or backside usually 180 but sometimes less. This trick usually makes a screeching sound with the wheels of the skateboard. You can do it as a wheel slide while just rolling along of you like. It is stylish way of changing directions and can be added to the end of a landed trick for even more style points.

A revert can be done on its own or out of just about any trick. It only counts if it starts before the trick is complete and sort of flows out of the trick. If you land a trick and then try to screech a 180 out, it’s too late and doesn't really count.

Doing reverts out of tricks that you are just learning is a good way to get used to the whole rotation. Build on the revert until you can get the full rotation you are looking for is a good thing. Just don't start relying on it. It is a little cheap unless done well.

It can be done many different ways. Frontside and backside, normal stance and switch. From the front truck or the back.

They are pretty much the same technique for all of them. The one done on the front truck or more like a fakie kickturn.

Tricks you need to know

Kickturns, 180 ollies might help, being stylish. Be prepared to be sketchy too.

Things to know

You need to unweight your wheels turn 180 and slide them along the ground. A good revert will make a screeching noise with the wheels and is heavy on style and timing..

To do it backside on the back wheels:

  • Get rolling.
  • Put your feet in ollie position.
  • Crouch like you would for a backside ollie.
  • Wrap up like you would for a kickturn.
  • Start turning.
  • Start to unweight your back wheels. When jumping up don't pop the tail.
  • Scoop the back wheels around sliding them on the ground.
  • After about 180 degrees in rotation straighten the board up and roll away.
  • The wheels will grip to a point and then slide with a screech.

Feel good and enjoy the sound.


Get kick turns down. Practice making a lot of noise with those wheels. Slide them around. Get used to unweighting yourself.

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